Our commitment

Today, more than ever before, the integration of the concept of quality has become essential for every company. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of our customers and to meet legal requirements, ATIR-RAIL must fulfil its commitment to continuous improvement by pursuing an ISO 9001/2015 policy and taking into account the growing EU requirements on environment, health, safety and ethics, especially in its relationships with its suppliers.

The main axes of this policy are:

  • Satisfy the expectations of our customers by adapting our services to their current and future needs
  • Following legal, regulatory and other requirements including:
    • Competition: the company is committed to the practice of fair competition and waits for the reciprocal of its trading partners. Compliance with the rules of competition law and company mergers vis-à-vis our customers, suppliers and competitors is obvious to us. No employee has the right to offer, arouse or accept any benefit whatsoever to influence an unfair decision.
    • The control of the maintenance of our wagons by putting in place the necessary means to maintain and improve our maintenance system in order to maintain our certification as ECM renewed on 23/02/2018, according to the regulation (EU) 445/2011 In order to guarantee an optimal state of maintenance of wagons, a safety index is regularly monitored, this index must not be higher than a determined threshold, it is reviewed each year according to the results obtained, in application of the Regulations ( EU) 1078/2012 and 402/2013 (MSC) a regular analysis of the risks related to railway safety is carried out during the Technical Reviews, three times a year.
    • Control of any risk that may or may not affect Railway Safety whatever the origin (management, commercial …).
    • Changes in equipment, procedures, organization, personnel or interfaces
    • Health, the safety of the staff. ATIR-RAIL is committed to providing good working conditions,
    • The environment: ATIR-RAIL seeks to limit its impact on the environment through close cooperation with its suppliers and partners.
    • Respect and equal opportunities: no discrimination will be tolerated in the company.
    • Achieve the objectives defined in common
    • Develop staff skills through a training plan adapted to our evolution
    • Ensure the sustainability of the company
    • Satisfy our investors
    • Take into account all stakeholders (or stakeholders) in the operation of the company to know their expectations and take into account in our decisions.

To achieve these goals, I am personally committed to providing the necessary means to reinforce the actions already undertaken in the areas of:

  • Customer listening
  • Compliance with procedures in force
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations and in particular anything that may concern rail safety
  • Regular and transparent communication with our customers and suppliers
  • Identification of risks to the health and safety of staff
  • Risk identification and analysis in our different processes
  •  The evaluation and regular analysis of our Management System (S.M.), as part of our Management Reviews, but also and if necessary, during other meetings that we may have to take

All staff will be informed of developments and decisions made during these Management Reviews or these meetings.

Our S.M. evolves in a logic of continuous improvement which must extend to the whole of the processes, from the customer reception to the realization of our service; from the maintenance of our wagons to our relations with our suppliers for the control of our purchases.

Far from being an end, these commitments must be a way to increase our performance by relying on employees who are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the objectives. objectives and apply the following values ​​on a daily basis:

Customer satisfaction, entrepreneurship, communication, transparency, rigour and creativity.